Flexo Will Reduce Back Injuries!

Flexo is a smart uniform, aimed at manual labour workers, consisting of a shirt and a pair of gloves. Embedded with an array of sensors, Flexo is able to detect the posture of the user and the weight of the object the user is lifting. When the user deviates from the correct posture, Flexo provides a subtle vibrational warning.

Flexo Logo
Flexo Logo

Flexo can be customized with your logo, allowing it to replace your current uniform.

Flexo Logo

Material, fit, and sleeve length can all be altered to your needs. Whether you work in the heat or the cold, Flexo will always be comfortable.

Flexo Logo

Sensors are seamlessly connected using local wireless technology to make using the uniform a breeze.

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Follow our Journey From Project to Startup

Flexo Safety Innovations Inc. started in the University of Waterloo as a fourth year design project (FYDP) from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. With the help of Velocity and the University of Waterloo, we have been growing and want you to join us

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Types of Pilot Programs

We offer three types of pilot program to fit all your needs. Whether you are a worker who is concerned about their safety or an employer who want to improve their health and safety program, we have a pilot program for you.

Pilot for Employers

Begins Mid 2017

Our pilot program for employers is focused on improving your health and safety program with our technology and keeping workers safe.

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Pilot for Workers

Begins Mid 2017

Our worker pilot program will supply you with all the tools and information you need to decrease your risk of injury.

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Pilot for Return to Work

Begins Mid 2017

Our return to work pilot program will supply you with all the tools and information you need to recover from injury in less time.

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